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Hello Paul,

To turn on numbers in My documents and have it effect all the folders and
files in My documents do this.
Be in the root of my documents.
Go to view on the menus and make sure details is selected for the view.
Then go to view menu and choose details and press enter.
You will find a list of options for the details you can choose from.
Locate the option called numbers and press space bar to check this.
If you want numbers right after the filename press Alt+U to move numbers up
in the list until it's under the filename.
Note there are buttons available for moving up and down.
Tab to Ok and press space bar.
Go to tools menu and select folder options and press enter.
Control tab to the view tab.
Tab once to the button labeled folder view for folders and press space bar.
A warning message will appear asking if your sure press space bar for yes.
Tab to OK and press space bar.
All your files In the folders in your my documents should now have the
number listed after all your filenames.

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Good evening,

Before I went to the VA for computer training I could open a folder then by
reading line I could see by a number at the end of the line where this files
was located in regards to the rest of the files, hello.txt 12, then down
arrow would give me the next file and 13.

I don't know how a setting was changed, but now I only get the file name and
no number in regards to its location with all the other files.

Can somebody please inform me as to what setting I need to get working
again, Please. I've tried Quick settings and nothing does it there.

Thank you,

Have a great day,

Paul Bolduc

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