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Curtis Delzer

I can't get the MLB site to play the games using IE10 though I cannot get it to work using any other screen reader. IE10 and jfw 14 work better than ie9 and jfw 14 or any earlier version of jfw since ie10 seems quicker at displaying web sites than ie9, or 8 for that matter.

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I am not sure whether my message went through to the list so I am reposting
it again.
Has anyone on here tried internet explorer10 with Jaws14 on windows7? If so,
are there any issues or is it accessible?
Thanks in advance

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If you are running the latest Build of JAWS 14 and all the windows Update for Win 7, you should have no trouble with Internet Explorer 10. There is very little difference if you are currently using Internet Explorer 9.

You can obtain a recording of the Webinar held yesterday, 3/13/2013 from Freedom Scientific on Internet Explorer 10 with JAWS 14. Go to the Training Webinar page to request a copy.

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