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George B

gary i am happy because your giving information to us on how to learn about
other accessibilty products

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In my original message shown below, I gave links to interviews done at
CSUN 2013 Conference. These interviews done by staff members of Blind
Bargains and Serotek provide information about the latest assistive
technology. On the Blind Bargains site, there were a few more postings
after I sent my message, so you may want to check again to make sure
didn't miss any of them.

The Serotek interviews that were streaming on SPN Radio have been
into 5 CSUN 2013 Convention Specials at

Just search for CSUN 2013 on that page to find them. They didn't
labeling their Flash content, but the unlabeled 0 button does play the
audio, and you can also use the "Play in new window" link to play it.
is a download link for each of the specials.

I guess George won't be happy! There was an interview done by the
folks with GW Micro, about Window-Eyes 8.1, but no interview with
Scientific about JAWS for Windows 14. Of course, there was that little
matter of the FS versus Serotek lawsuit a few years ago. Hmmm! ... I

Gary King
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When I was working, I attended the various assistive technology
conferences as part of my job. Now that I've been retired for
years, I attend them by listening to as many audio interviews as I
find. The advantages are that it's free, and I don't have to take
off my
shoes at the airport!

I haven't listened to all of these interviews yet, so I hope there's
least one about JAWS to keep George happy.

Go to:

to listen to SPN Radio's coverage, or to:

Search for CSUN to find their audio interviews.

Gary King
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