Re: How to edit a comment in word 2010 with jaws 13?

Ann Byrne

With Office 2010 the applications menu often has the command you need. I believe there is an item about editing comments there.

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Hi There,
I had a similar problem just recently. However, using the key stroke alt control M allowed me to type a comment.


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Subject: How to edit a comment in word 2010 with jaws 13?

Hi all,

I just got a new windows 7 computer with Microsoft office 2010 and jaws 13. Before, I was using an XP computer with Microsoft Office 2007 and jaws 12.

I need to review a document so I first turned "Track Changes" to on, like I was used to.

When I change the text in the document, inserting or deleting text, everything seems ok. I can notice my changes. But I don't know how to make a comment.

On the upper ribbon, "Review" is selected. Then, on the lower ribbon, I can find "new comment". When I click this, in the text, I see the comment mark with my initials. But I can figure out how to type in or edit the comment itself. In other words, jaws correctly speaks the text of the document, but does not speaks the text of the comments. Is there something to configure in order to have a better access to word 2010 review pane please?

Many thanks in advance. Have a nice day. Christophe Delaunay

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