Re: gPodder: Are Scripts Available?


I don't know about scripts for that client, but there's a client called QCast. It was developed by Christopher Toth. You do have to buy it though, but it's only ten dollars. It's fully accessible, and it can be used with Windows and Macs. The link is:

On 3/13/2013 4:37 PM, Kane Brolin wrote:
Hi, everybody.

For several years, I used JuiceReceiver as the podcast client in any
situations where I did not want to depend on iTunes or my Apple
portable devices for managing podcasts. I loved Juice's simplicity
and seemingly total accessibility via JAWS' virtual cursor. For a
while, it even worked on my laptop after I had installed 64-bit
Windows 7 Professional. But following a total re-format of my system
and a reinstall of Windows, I have found that Juice no longer works,
and it's really not actively supported any more. So I decided to
adapt to the times and switched to gPodder, which many seem to prefer.

While gPodder fundamentally works a lot like Juice did, I find it a
lot less accessible, because just about everything requires use of the
JAWS cursor, with almost no functional keyboard shortcuts that seem
workable if one is using a screen reader. Considering the popularity
of this podcatcher, does anyone know if scripts have been written for
this? I am running the full ILM version of JAWS 14.

Many thanks.


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