gPodder: Are Scripts Available?

Kane Brolin

Hi, everybody.

For several years, I used JuiceReceiver as the podcast client in any
situations where I did not want to depend on iTunes or my Apple
portable devices for managing podcasts. I loved Juice's simplicity
and seemingly total accessibility via JAWS' virtual cursor. For a
while, it even worked on my laptop after I had installed 64-bit
Windows 7 Professional. But following a total re-format of my system
and a reinstall of Windows, I have found that Juice no longer works,
and it's really not actively supported any more. So I decided to
adapt to the times and switched to gPodder, which many seem to prefer.

While gPodder fundamentally works a lot like Juice did, I find it a
lot less accessible, because just about everything requires use of the
JAWS cursor, with almost no functional keyboard shortcuts that seem
workable if one is using a screen reader. Considering the popularity
of this podcatcher, does anyone know if scripts have been written for
this? I am running the full ILM version of JAWS 14.

Many thanks.


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