Re: MLA style with Jaws

Stephanie Switzer

Which guide are you using? Also there are lots of websites that work
with jaws that can help you with things like sitations. I'm not sure
what you need to do exactly, but if you need help with citations try:

On 3/12/13, Russell Solowoniuk <> wrote:

Hi all,
Has anyone had any luck learning the MLA style using Jaws? If so, can you
share some tips? Part of the problem is that the MLA style guide is not
accessible with Jaws, from what I understand. What about Braille? Could the
guide, or at least relevant sections, be Brailled? How would one tell if
text in question is italic, bold, or underlined, as the Braille symbol is
the same for all?

Any help here would be greatlyw
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