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Hello Patrick,

I have tried Sandboxie and found it real difficult. It says it can optimize
itself for AVG my antivirus software but it just ended up making it harder
to operate my computer and AVG was just one of a couple of applications that
were affected by the installation of Sandboxie on my computer. My suggestion
is if you try it make sure you have created a good system restore point so
when things get strange you can remove Sandboxie and restore your computer
back to what it was.

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Hello fellow groupies,
My name is Patrick and I subscribe to a freeware news letter called
Gizmo's Freeware. They recently sent me a message with a new malware
defender called "sandboxie" and I needed to know if anyone has dealt with
said program with jaws?They make this program sound simpler than it
obviously is; however, I just wanted to look into this one. I now use
Microsoft security essentials as well as super anti-spyware and am not even
convinced I would need any more protection...
This "sandboxie" sounds real good, but I want to be cautious as we
should be in any case, right?

Thanks so much, Patrick...

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