Re: where do I find add or remove programs?

David Bailes

Hi Lauren,
as someone has already pointed out, what used to be the add or remove programs page of the control panel is called programs and features in windows 8 (and 7 and vista, I think).
Also, as someone has already said, you can open programs and features from the quick link menu, which you open by pressing windows key + x. Note that you can open this from anywhere, not just the desktop.
In Windows 8 searching for settings is slightly different than in windows 7. Searching is handled by the search pane (charm), and you have to specify whether you searching for programs, settings, files et.
To search for settings, press windows key + w, type in your search terms, then arrow down if necessary.
To find Programs and features, using either programs and features, or add and remove programs as search terms works.
For more info on the search pane, see:


original message:
I can't seem to find add or remove programs in the control panel with
windows 8 and Jaws 14. Does anyone know where it is? Sincerely, Lauren

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