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I know that, but the J-say scripts are tethered to the specific Jaws version
and to the specific Dragon version. Pretty lousy, but that's how they did
them. Not sure how they do it now, but I think they are still tethered right
down to the build number.


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For the most part jaws scripts are forward compatible (the reverse is
not true), have you tried using the jaws 8 scripts with your current

On 2/28/13, Jean Menzies <jemenzies@...> wrote:
I know this comes up regularly on this list, but here goes again.

I have an older copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking version 7 or 8, (I
which) Preferred edition. I also have the old J-say Jaws scripts that
it but are limited to Jaws version 8. Obviously, I don't want to go back
Jaws 8 because of its inability to use IE 8, etc.

So, being somewhat cheap here, I want to reinstall Dragon and use it as is
because it worked well enough. But I want to use it with Jaws 13. I know I
can't transcfer the scripts, and I'm not intending on rebuying either
or Dragon to get a current version.

Long bit of background, but I do remember someone saying that it is
to work with Dragon without J-say. I'm looking for that person or for any
helpful hints on setup to make it work well. I also have a 40-cell braille
display that would be helpful in this mix.

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