Dragon and Jaws

Jean Menzies <jemenzies@...>

I know this comes up regularly on this list, but here goes again.

I have an older copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking version 7 or 8, (I forget which) Preferred edition. I also have the old J-say Jaws scripts that match it but are limited to Jaws version 8. Obviously, I don't want to go back to Jaws 8 because of its inability to use IE 8, etc.

So, being somewhat cheap here, I want to reinstall Dragon and use it as is because it worked well enough. But I want to use it with Jaws 13. I know I can't transcfer the scripts, and I'm not intending on rebuying either J-say or Dragon to get a current version.

Long bit of background, but I do remember someone saying that it is possible to work with Dragon without J-say. I'm looking for that person or for any helpful hints on setup to make it work well. I also have a 40-cell braille display that would be helpful in this mix.

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