Re: Changing JAWS settings in JAWS 14


Insert+V opens the JAWS options dialog and those changes should be
permanent. I think you're incorrectly using an old key combination that now
opens a temporary change dialog that does not stick.

Try just Insert+V.

Or better yet, use Insert+F2 and then select the settings center.

Dave Carlson
Tastefully composed and launched near the Pacific Ocean using a Dell
Latitude E6520, JAWS 14, and Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

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Hi all,

Well, I have just gone through, for me, the big update, which has been a
change in Windows, JAWS, email client, etc., all in one fell swoop. It has
been a bit daunting, but I am finally beginning to feel able to handle
things again.

However, I can't figure out how to change the settings in JAWS, you know,
changes such as how numbers are read, whether or not tables, lists, and
block quotes are announced, etc. I have done it twice, and after making the
changes, I have hit the apply button, then the okay button. But the changes
only last for that period on the computer. When I reboot the next day, I am
back to no changes. How do I make these changes permanent?

Thanks much,


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