Re: How to get MS Office 2013 Professional for very little.

Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

Yes, they do that every time a new release comes out. I'm surprised I haven't seen it before now, but thanks for the heads up. Wonder how it works with XP. I probably won't change OS's until I change computers; it's just too much sugar for a penny.


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Hi, in case people aren't aware Microsoft have something called the Microsoft Home User programme. It allows those people who are employed by organisations who have a large volume licence for Microsoft products to then purchase the software at a very discounted price. Here in the UK Civil Servants would be included in that. For example instead of paying well over
£100 for Microsoft Office 2013 Professional I only paid £8.95. Yes that figure is correct, less than £10. To purchase the products there is a programme code your employer will have which identifies them to microsoft, I also inputted my work email address which Microsoft validates and sends a link to. I've put the frequently asked questions link below for anyone who is interested as it's such a great saving I wouldn't want anyone to miss out. The reason Microsoft do this kind of discount is likely because it means they can easily get their market share of users up i.e. the department I work in has over 100,000 users.


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