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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

It's probably not a demo. My copy came on a disk that contained all the printer software, and accessing the OCR has been a real pain. 'the good news is that it worked the only time I ever used it a couple of years ago. The bad news is it's almost impossible to activate, as my copy buried itself somewhere in HP Solutions, and it can't be called up separately from the keyboard. I'd like to get together with you off list and cuss and discuss this package.


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We just bought a new HP printer and it came with an OCR CD for ReadIRIS version 12. Just wondering if anyone has used this OCR software and how it might work with JAWS 13? I found a very old online manual for version 6 from 2000 online, but that's of limited value since it is very much out of date.

I do have an older version of Kurzweil, and the Hp scanning functions work very nicely with it. But just curious about ReadIRIS. I also dont' know if this is a full copy or a demo version that came with the printer.

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