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Hello. You can also hold down the windows key and alt. while pressing down arrow, this way Jaws will read each row completely, regardless the number of columnss.
If you wish to read more than once a given row, press windows key and comma simultaneusly as many times you want to reread that complete row. I hope it makes some sense. I apologize for my English.

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If you're allowed to copy and paste the material,
copy to clipboard the info,
paste it to a word processor that handles columns.
Go to the column feature in your word processor and change from two columns to one column.

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Hello listers,

I come across pdf text books that for some reason are created in two
columns.  Please help if you know how to get them into one column so jaws
will read them properly.  I am in the middle of writing a research paper and
need to read this pdf and reference it.  Thanks for any help you can

Sincerely, Ryan West
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