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Hi Karoline,

Is this in Windows 8? If so, how are you opening IE? If I open IE from the start area by typing Internet Explorer, it opens but Jaws doesn't work with it. There seems to be no menu bar or anything. I think Windows 8 can open IE in "Metro" view or regular view, not sure if I'm using the correct terms. What I do is press Windows T to open IE from the task bar. Jaws then will work with IE.


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On 2013-02-18, at 1:41 PM, Karoline Bourdeau <> wrote:


I am not sure what happened. I was using JAWS 14 and IE 10. It was working
great. Yesterday, JAWS refused to focus in IE. I do not know why this
happened and why. My Husband could navigate fine with the mouse. Anyone know
about this?

How do I fix it?


Karoline Bourdeau

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