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dave grossoehme

Good Afternoon: What version of Firefodx are you using? It would help to
know what version of flash causes this problem. With this knowledge and the
version of Windows one of us might be able to give you some help.
Your Friend Dave

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I just got my upgrade to JAWS 14 a couple of days ago. My college uses a
system called Blackboard for its online course interface. JAWS 12 had no
problem with this, but JAWS 14 now only shows the top of the page (the
course list and other important parts are in a separate
frame.) It seems to work in Firefox, but there are a number of things that
require Flash, and FIrefox crashes every time it loads a Flash page with
JAWS. Does anyone know if/how the Blackboard and/or the Flash problem can be
solved? Thanks!

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