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Hi Cindy,

Using Jaws11 & 12 the Interface is somewhat accessible if all you want to do
is schedule scanning & program updating, but once you press the save button,
the home page is very difficult to navigate & with any versions before
Jaws11 & 12 everything is totally inaccessible. Take care.

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I really haven't followed the discussion of Super Anti-Spyware 5.0 before.
But, I find it interesting that people are saying it isn't accessible. I
have had Super Anti-Spyware on my computer for a couple of years. After
recently taking my computer to the shop for an unrelated problem, I got it
back with the 5.0 upgrade on it. I'm using JAWS 12 with it on a Windows
Home machine and I haven't had any problems using it. So, I'm not sure
people are saying isn't accessible.


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