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Kimsan <kimsansong@...>

Ok, I do not remember, so someone with outlook 2007 please chime in and hope
that you have more than one signature.

When an email messaged is opened with all of the necessary fields filled in,
and if if wanting to bring up the list of signitures, you can do which
keystroke? Alt a or alt n?

I know here in 2010, its alt m but I can't remember for 07. Why can't they
just keep it the same as newer versions come out lol.

I mean, we went from alt n, alt (what ever it is for 07) to alt m?

Once more this is to manually add a signature that you have already created
in 07 and I cannot remember if the keystroke alt A or is it alt n in outlook

I turn 32 next Sunday, this old age is killing me!

Kimsan Song


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