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Another feat of deep sea drilling. Doris thought, but wasn't sure, that
changing this setting as you've described would solve reading difficulties
in Wordweb. I can't grasp how that would be, but I sense Doris's memory is
to be trusted. I'd be curious if anyone were to test this setting to see
what happens and then post the result to the list.

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Hi Doris & List Members,

Subscripts, stopping Jaws from reading them:

Try the following to stop Jaws from reading subscripts:

Do the following for the Settings Center in Jaws12 & 13;

1. Open the program you want to have this change made in.

2. press insert+6 on the numbers row.

3. Now down arrow until you see / hear;

Speech and sound schemes,

Right arrow to open.

4. Now down arrow and press the spacebar on,

Modify schemes...

Note, if you press the enter key, you will be taken out of the modify scheme


5. Now tab and enter on, Edit selected scheme button.

6, here you need to, Shift+tab to general.

7. right arrow to Attributes tab & tab one time into the listview.

8. now press the letter "S" until you hear;


Now tab and use the down arrow key to select, ignore.

Now tab to okay & press enter.

Again tab to okay & press enter.

Note you now will hear;

Modify Schemes

The current scheme has been modified and has not been saved. Would

you like to save it now?

Yes is highlighted press enter.

Tab to okay & press enter.

If you would like to make this a the default setting,

When you press insert+6 on the numbers row, and you, down arrow to

Speech and sound schemes,

Right arrow to open, now press,


Hope this helped.

Take care.
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This is possible, yes. I turned off the speaking of "subscript"
somewhere app specific but do not remember where to give instructions.


At 09:20 PM 2/13/2013 -0800, you wrote:
Just a couple of thoughts/guesses here as I haven't investigated
this yet. First, is there a way to tell the settings center to
suppress announcement of control types? If you're familiar with the
controls already and know that you're in a read-only edit box,
suppressing the reading of control types might do the trick. If
that isn't possible through settings center, than what about setting
user verbosity to advanced? Would that do the trick? As I said,
just a couple of guesses...


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I'm re-posting to make the subject line relevant. Apologies for the


I took your advice and downloaded Wordweb. It is easy to understand and
navigate. It ought to meet my needs for an off-line dictionary. For me,
others, it has only one problem that I've noticed so far, but it's a very
distracting one. Each time I open a definition, JAWS says, "Read only
Each time I arrow down through the definition, I get the same
"Read only edit. Read only edit."

Have you experienced this? If so, have you solved it?

I'm using Win7 with JAWS 14. I've tested a few options in the quick
dialog, but without success. I virtualized the definition window and
switched off the meddlesome graphics, but other random words entered into
the window and disrupted the flow.

So far, Wordweb is the best option, but I think "Read only edit" is going
haunt my dreams and prevent me from taking advantage of it unless you or
someone else tells me how to make it go away.

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Don't forget Wordweb that in its basic version is free and accessible out
the box. It is a wonderful dictionary and thesaurus for the English
that I have been using since before I lost my sight in

I have not used the Sage dictionary though I think I have a copy of it
flying around here somewhere.



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