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Godwin Adoyi

Follow the procedure you used in creating your account, then click on "tool
bar change ...." . Tab to "more settings" then type the name you want in the
edit field. (type the name which you would like to give to this account).
Now tab to "ok" then to "finish".

Favourite is the default folder which is opened when you first start
outlook. For quick access , you can pin other folders to the favourite.
To import your contacts there are various ways but I would advise , you
first export your contacts to a file then import it to outlook.
To import your contacts to outlook 2010, do the following:
Go to file menu > open tab > import.
Follow the prompts to import your contacts.

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I am running windows 7 professional.

And using Microsoft outlook 2010 professional.

Now, what is the outlook data folder, favorites, and I see my e-mail address
as the main folder.

So how do I delete these, and then have say Marvin Hunkin in outlook 2010.

Has any one use this program.

New to this program, as was using windows mail in windows vista.

But tried setting up windows mail in windows 7, but did not work.

So getting used to outlook.

So any help would be handy.

Managed to set up my account, and also how to import my address book or my
contact folder.


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