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Yes. I shut down after each uninstall and re-install.

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did you do a full shutdown and restart?

sometimes you just have to shut the thing completely down, wait a minute
(literally) and then fire it back up and you can see a vast difference

another thing is to make sure all windows are maximized with it.

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I have a strange problem with JFW. I reverted back to version 12.0.522
because of my annoying problem with flash with the latest version, but now
when I go to internet explorer and try to do anything JFW won't read
anything. I can't see links, it won't read text, nothing. I can do an
f7 to get to the links list box, but I can't see anything on the page.
Tabbing doesn't work either. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've made
sure it was in full screen and did a jaws refresh. JFW 11 doesn't seem to
have this problem. Thanks for any help.

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