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Adrian Spratt


I'll take a stab, but I'm not sure I understand what you did to exchange
Google for Bing. Keep in mind that Bing is MS's search engine, so it
wouldn't appear as an add-on. MS really wants you to use it.

Dave Carlson posted the following directions for removing Bing as the
default search engine, and you may find this sequence will also enable you
to eliminate this function completely, although I'm not sure why you would
want to.

Tools/Options. General page. Tab to search and press the button.

Note. When I followed Dave's sequence, it proved to be complicated. You have
to follow links to alternatives and explanations. Eventually I did
substitute Google for Bing, which was my objective.

As for needing to press enter twice after entering an address, I wonder if
this is because Google is filling in the address for you and you don't
realize it. There's a website I visit so frequently that as soon as I type
s, the address appears in the line below the edit field.

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Whenever I enter a Web address in the IE 9 address bar and press enter the
default search engine (Google) repeats the address and I have to press
enter a second time. Previous versions of IE were not like this. Is there
some way of preventing this. I got rid of Bing as the default search engine

and Google is now the default. I would actually like to get rid of both Bing

and Google. I can remove Google but there is no remove button for Bing in
the add-on dialog. Tom

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