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Adrian Spratt


I took your advice and downloaded Wordweb. It is easy to understand and
navigate. It ought to meet my needs for an off-line dictionary. For me, and
others, it has only one problem that I've noticed so far, but it's a very
distracting one. Each time I open a definition, JAWS says, "Read only edit."
Each time I arrow down through the definition, I get the same verbalization:
"Read only edit. Read only edit."

Have you experienced this? If so, have you solved it?

I'm using Win7 with JAWS 14. I've tested a few options in the quick settings
dialog, but without success. I virtualized the definition window and
switched off the meddlesome graphics, but other random words entered into
the window and disrupted the flow.

So far, Wordweb is the best option, but I think "Read only edit" is going to
haunt my dreams and prevent me from taking advantage of it unless you or
someone else tells me how to make it go away.

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Don't forget Wordweb that in its basic version is free and accessible
out of the box. It is a wonderful dictionary and thesaurus for the
English language that I have been using since before I lost my sight in

I have not used the Sage dictionary though I think I have a copy of
it flying around here somewhere.



At 03:59 PM 2/10/2013 -0600, you wrote:
I haven't really needed an off-line dictionary since I bought Open
Book. It includes the American Heritage Dictionary. If I need
something more portable, I grab my little Franklin Language Master
that I've had for about 20 years.

Gary King
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Yes, and because you need to use the JAWS cursor to read the definition,
must virtualize the window with JAWS key+alt+w in order to make a copy.

Gary, do you know of any other good off-line dictionaries? With Windows
I had the Webster's Random House, which I liked a lot, but it hasn't been
updated to work correctly with Win7.

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I installed the Sage Dictionary and took it for a spin. Switching
to None in Quick Settings gets rid of some of the clutter on the screen.

The most obvious problem is that there is no cursor in the definition
section, so it doesn't get the focus when a definition is displayed. This
means that you have to use the JAWS cursor to read the definition after
find it.

Looking up more than one word causes definitions to appear under multiple
tabs. I'm not sure how useful this is. You can set the number of tabs
want in Options. I set this option to 1 until I find out what benefit
multiple tabs would be to me. If you did want multiple tabs, you would

to be able to switch among them with Control plus Tab.

That's about all I've learned so far. It might be interesting to compare
the definitions of several words to definitions in other dictionaries to

an idea of how good this dictionary is in areas other than accessibility.

Gary King
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Hi. I am posting to bring attention to what appears to be a very good
dictionary that can be loaded onto a computer, thus avoiding the need of
going online, and whose owner says it is open to accessibility
The company has asked me to inform it of my experience, and I'm hoping
others on the list will find such a resource valuable enough to want to
along your own accessibility reports.

The Sage dictionary is free, although we are ask to make a nominal
contribution if we find it useful. Information and download links are

All I've done so far is figure out how to locate and read a definition.
requires turning off graphics and using the JAWS cursor. As some of you
realize from my many recent posts, I am buried in the tasks of learning
and Office 2010, or else I would have delved deeper. Again, I'm hoping
of you share my interest in a quality, free or low-cost off-line
and would be willing to assess and report other accessibility issues.

The address to send comments to is:


To conclude, here's what a company representative named Frank wrote to me
last night:

Please let us know of your progress.

We have long toyed with the idea of creating a macro-option that would
automatically adjust all the individual options to values that are

best suited to the visually impaired. Unfortunately, our lack of
in this area is complete.

You might want to know that a complete redesign of TheSage is in its
preliminary stages. We don't have any dates yet but this could be a

great opportunity to build in accessibility features from the start.

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