Re: disappearance of my documents folder

John J. Fioravanti, Jr. <fioresq1@...>

The parent is still there.

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Is the "Documents" parent of My Documents still present or is that gone as

If Documents is still there, navigate to your \Users\<User Name> directory,
right click on My Documents and under the "Include in Library" menu item
select "Documents". and

On 2/12/13, John J. Fioravanti, Jr. <fioresq1@...> wrote:
Good evening: a strange thing has happened on my windows 7 machine,
the my documents folder at the top of the windows explorer is no
longer there. I can get to my documents by going to the c drive going
to user and getting to it in that way. Does anyone have any clue as to
why the my documents folder is removed and more importantly, what I
can do about it to restore the folder? Thanks -----Original
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Subject: Adobe Reader XI

I am using Windows XP with JAWS 11. When I go to the control panel and
view "Add or Remove Software, I see two instances of Adobe Reader XI
(11.0.01) Size 126.00MB shown right below one another. One says that
it cannot be removed. Does anyone know why there would be two software
titles with the same exact name shown in the "Add or Remove Software
dialogue? Usually there is something different with each one such as
the parenthetical comment, update, or something like this.

It is shown on both computers I own the same way, and I am sure there
are not two separate installations of the program.

Thank you.
Bill White billwhite92701@...

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