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Gerald Levy

One more change may be necessary to make Adobe Reader XI work properly with JAWS. Launch the Edit menu, scroll down to the Accessibility submenu and open it. Scroll down to the Set-up Assistant and select it. The Set-Up Assistant has five screens, but the only change you have to make is on the last screen, screen 5 of 5. Go through all the screens, and when you reach the fifth and final screen, tab to the check box labeled "Open PDF documents in the browser" and make sure that it is unchecked. It may be checked by default. Then tab to the Okay button. This change, along with unchecking the box labeled "Enable Protected Mode at start-up" on the Security Enhanced option of the Preferences dialog will make JAWS work smoothly with Adobe Reader XI.


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I've been using Adobe Reader XI for less than two weeks, so far without a
hitch. Mike B posted the following, in case it helps:

Mike B. I have had a problem reading PDF files with Jaws ever since I
updated to Adobe XI. Well, I went into preferences & made the changes below
& finally, Adobe is working again! For those who have had the same problem,
give these setting changes a try to see if they help.
On the Security Enhanced tab, I unchecked the options below.
Enable Protected Mode at startup, I unchecked this box.
Enable Enhanced Security, I unchecked this box.

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I just received an update notice from Adobe saying:

Adobe Reader XI is available

Is Adobe Reader XI JAWS 11 friendly, or should I stay with Adobe Reader IX?

Thank you.
Bill White billwhite92701@...

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