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I was refering to toggling without going into the jaws options menu
such as when a window poppsup sometimes jaws doesn't read it I contacting freedom scientific and they said some things can be read with the jaws cursor and other things with the virtual cursor reading all content is not the best solution
that wasn't the answer I was looking for so they suggested the jfw users group so here I am

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The virtual cursor key combo , JAWS key+z, is a toggle. Otherwise, your PC key (numpad +) and JAWS cursor (numpad -, right above the PC cursor key) provide immediate access to the two other main cursors.

If I'm missing something, please post again.

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Subject: toggle between jaws readings

is there a jaws key stroke to toggle the reading contents of jaws?
such as the virtual pc cursor, the jaws cursor etc... I’m using jaws 11;.0.1476 on windows 7 and I currently have jaws set to read all content and it does not read all content
email is golden!
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