Re: Alt-tab appears random in Win7

Robert Logue <bobcat11@...>

I also find the alt tab order in Windows 7 unpredictable.

Using windows key plus numbers helps I only wish they had numbered items on the task bar.

They took away windows key tab and replaced it with Windows key t. It's all a lot more difficult than in XP.
When you close something from the task bar, focus doesn't land on the task bar either.


On 2/8/2013 8:51 AM, Adrian Spratt wrote:
With XP, I could predict in which application a press of alt-tab would land
me. In essence, it was wherever I'd last been.

I'm finding in Win7 that there's no pattern. I could land in the previous
application or just about any other open window, including the desktop.

Similarly, if I go to the system tray and escape out of it, often as not I
end up in an application that is different from the one I was working in.

Has anyone else done a better job of detecting patterns? Is there, by any
chance, a solution?

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