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1. Ctrl+hyphen reduces by increments, as you've already observed. I think in
the view menu, under zoom, you'll find a custom choice where you type in
what you want.

2. Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown.

Dave Carlson
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HI folks! I ran into two separate issues at work today, and need some help.
First, I need to know how to change the zoom level in Internet Explorer. I
have to use the browser at 110%. I see how I can change it from 100, to a25
and then to 150, by using the left mouse click on the bottom of the screen
where the percentage displays, but I don't have the option for 110. Is
there a way to get into that option another way?

\Secondly, I am needing to know how to switch from TAB to TAB within a
spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, 2007.
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