Jaws scripts installation problem

Morey Worthington

Morning all,
Using Jaws 14 (newest bill) and Windows 7 64 bit HP machine. I am in a gaming site called AllinPLay. In their installer for the games, the installer wants to install the Jaws scripts in my 32 bit program files folder. Well, now the issue, I do not have a Jaws version 14 that shows up in that folder. It only shows up in the 64 bit program files folder. When the installer starts there is nothing that comes up about in which folder do I want to install the files.
Just an error message saying that the installer cannot find the x86 folder where to put the scripts.
Does anyone who belongs to the AllinPlay games web site have a copy of the Jaws scripts from the ENU folder which you could send me off list??
I have tried Freedom Scientific, but they tell me that they have nothing to do with third party stuff.
Can understand that. Sorry to carry on, but no other way to explain situation.
Morey Worthington
AKA Mossback on AllinPlay

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