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Adrian, didn't we all move on from wp at least ten years ago?

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There have been developments in the accessibility of WordPerfect, as I
learned yesterday in my discussion with FS.

FS is no longer working to make WP accessible. However, Corel has
established an accessibility group to work on it.

Last week I installed WP X3, the last version Fs officially supported, on my
64-bit Win7 machine, Only to encounter the problems reported by another
lister. For example, I couldn't navigate letter by letter or word by word;
only by line and in say all.

On a tip that Corel has added accessibility features to WP X4, X5 and the
current version X6, I purchased and installed X6. Now JAWS reads character
by character, word by word, and so on. Even some of the old labels have
returned, such as spell-checker on control-F1, save on F3, and so on.

However, I have found several major shortcomings. The most serious, for me,
is that "reveal codes" doesn't work. FS tells me the Corel team is working
on it. Another is that when I control-backspace to delete a word, JAWS
doesn't verbalize that word, but the one before. Still another is that the
status line isn't read, so I can't tell what page I'm on, etc.

It's frustrating that I can't locate this accessibility group at Corel. I've
called the number of a PR person I found in an online document and spoken to
their customer service. FS isn't volunteering it. I don't know when they
expect to fix "reveal codes," assuming they ever do, and I don't know whom
to notify about newly discovered problems, such as the one involving
deletion. Even so, there's hope.

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