Lists in Outlook 2010

Adrian Spratt

Hi. I am unable to read lists in two areas in Outlook 2010, and I'm hoping
one of you will tell me what I'm doing wrong in each case.

First, while experimenting with message rules, I inadvertently created one
that is causing havoc. It's my understanding that when I go into manage
rules, a list of rules will appear. It doesn't. The only place where I can
produce a list of rules is later in the dialog, the run rules section.
However, I find no way to delete a specific rule there. Any ideas?

2. In Outlook 2003, I would press control+shift+f at the beginning of a
message list within a folder to search for messages with specific text, from
a certain sender, and so on. When MS completed the search, a button would
switch from "Stop" to something like "Read now. "This is still happening in
Outlook 2010. However, in 2003, a list of messages would then appear. I am
getting no such list in 2010, no matter how many times I tab around. Again,
any ideas?


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