Re: Changing labels in form fields?

Tom Behler


I tried that, but had no luck.

I found those instructions in the Jaws help files as well.

Tom Behler

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In Surf's Up, the instruction is for labeling forms in Html documents such as web pages, so I don't know if that would work for your program. It says to press insert+control+tab, type in the name you want, and press enter.
Good luck!
At 07:59 AM 2/3/2013, you wrote:
Hi, everyone.

I am working with an amateur radio logging software program, and have what I think is a pretty simple question:

How can I change the spoken labels for form fields?

The labels spoken in the software as it is now configured are a bit cumbersome, and I want to customize them and make them shorter and easier to identify as I tab from one data entry field to the next.

I have tried to find the answer in the Jaws help files, but have yet to come up with a clear solution.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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