Re: Shortcut for Jaws with sound card?

Peter Tighe


I don't think a short cut is really needed!

I have two sound cards, one for default which I primarily use for music and the other which I use exclusively with Jaws.

You can set jaws to use a specific sound card, and leave all other programs to use the default. This means that you can record music without the Jaws voice interfeering.

To change Jaws to play through your nondefault sound card do the following:
From the jaws windowpressalt-u.
arrow down to sound cardand press enter.

You will see a list of all your sound cards. Some may be nentioned twice.

Arrow down to the non default card that says speakers and press enter.
This setting should holde for ever.


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Subject: Shortcut for Jaws with sound card?

Is it possible to set up a shortcut to make Jaws load and run with a
particular sound card that is not the default? If it is, I would be
interested to know how to do it if someone can help.

If it isn't, then could anyone tell me how to make a batch file that will do

Thanks in advance.


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