Re: Changing the Devault Convenient OCR Voice

Mike B. <mb69mach1@...>

Hi Dave,

Below are 3 sets of steps:

from the JAWS 13 public beta page

Customizing the OCR Voice

To customize the voice you hear when reading recognized text, do the
1.Press INSERT+F2, and select Settings Center. When Settings Center opens,
press CTRL+SHIFT+D to open Default.
2.In the tree view, navigate to and expand Voice Aliases, then select
Customize Voice Aliases.
3.Press F6 to move to the Voice Aliases page, and choose the Voice Aliases
button to open the dialog box.
4.Select OCRVoice from the list of voice aliasses and choose the Modify
button to customize the settings for this alias.

From: Eric Damery
To learn how to adjust the voice, please go to:

There is a heading on this page for: Customizing the OCR Voice


From: Mike & Barbara
Hi Geovanni & List Members,

I have found that instead of pressing the, F6 key, on Customize Voice
Aliases..., that pressing the spacebar opens the Voice Aliases page, and
then, just press the, letter O, to get to the OCR option. Now, tab to
modify, & press the spacebar to open, & tab through the dialogue boxes to
make your changes. Take care.
Hope these helped.
Take care.
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I've forgotten how to change the awful-voice when using the convenient OCR
feature. I recall it was not an intuitive process.

Dave Carlson
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