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Mike and Others:

I want to thank Mike for his resource that he provided in his previous
message. The link to Blind Tv may prove to be a valuable resource for audio
described television, I am still looking for an accessible tv tuner, or at
least one that would work well with JAWS, in order to watch the local tv
stations, and to recoird that programming. Case in point, my fiancé and I
like Lawrence Welk, which is re-run on our local PBS station. That show is
not streamed anywhere online, as near as I can tell. I’ve considered
getting the Avertv Hybrid Volar Max TV Tuner Kit from Amazon. Does anyone
know anything about this particular unit. According to Amazon it is a
starter kit. This means it only comes with the tuner. That’s okay as I
have Windows Mediacenter, my tv antenna, and a converter box. I also have
the coaxial cable needed to hook it altogether. I was able to find some
files on keystroke commands for Windows Mediacenter. If you happen to know
about this product, or any others like it, I’d appreciate any and all
suggestions. Thanks in advance for your feedback.



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