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what operating system are you using, if its windows 7 I think its better to use windows live mail and just forget webmail.
live mail can be configured with gmail.

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I know for me, I have to do a links list, and then click on "Basic HTML".
If I do not click this link, the emails do not open up for me.
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Make sure Numlock is turned off or use Insert+Arrow down.

OZ0TE Jacob
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On 2013 01 26 17:30, Robert Stigile wrote:
Hello All,
I have a question for anyone who can help.
I am running jaws 13 and using Gmail.
When I go to internet explorer, then type in it will take me
to my inbox.
If I open a e-mail and then want to read it, it used to be that I would
press insert 2 and jaws would start reading the e-mail, but now it does
Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get Jaws to continuously read
the e-mail.
Thank you,

Robert Stigile
phone: 818-381-9568
Skype: robertstigile1
Twitter: rstigile

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