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Thank you so much. Downloading it now.

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actually it may well be there still, just hidden. not long ago I used this
link to get a "no longer available" copy of an earlier jaws:
remove the blank spot where the thing gets broken in the email(if it does)
then modify the numbers and bit type to what you need and give it a try.

it was exceedingly amusing I got contacted by fs on a complaint I filed, and

was told there was no fix, of course, I said I figured out as much and was
there to urge them to get to fixing it, and that I had downloaded an earlier

version from them and removed the latest and replaced it with it. and the
tech said it was not there, I said oh hell its not!, he said it was not, I
said try this link (the above URL) after a couple goads he did, and the
next thing I hear is "what the..." (long silence) "where did you get this

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Hi. I recently upgraded to the latest version of JFW, 12.0.1169. I am
an annoying problem with a web site, and I hope maybe someone will have
suggestions. I am trying to use to create a radio station. In
JFW 12.0.522 the unlabeled buttons were spoken and I could activate them
with no problems. I need to be able to get to these buttons to add artists
or play stations. Unfortunately, I upgraded to the latest version of JFW,
and now the unlabeled buttons are not spoken any more. I used NVDA to see
maybe something had changed on the slacker web page, and it has not. NVDA
will say clickable where the unlabeled buttons are, but I would like to be
able to use JFW. I no longer have the installer for the version I was
running before the upgrade, and it is no longer available on the fS web
site. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else I can try? I am
running the latest version of Adobe flash player 10.3, and I am using
Internet Explorer 8. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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