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Adrian Spratt

Dave and dondi,

I'd be very surprised if FS allows assignment of a license. I haven't
double-checked the terms of my JAWS license, but FS has been pretty
aggressive in protecting their revenue sources, as everyone knows.

Dondi, I think Dave makes a good suggestion. I would add that you follow up
your question, assuming they say no, with one about how you can assist
someone who needs financial assistance to obtain JAWS. (I'm putting this
clumsily because I'm rushing. Sorry.) My point is that maybe FS can find a
way to accommodate your desire to do the right thing with their desire to
protect their interests.

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As long as its not the same serial number as yours, I guess you can just
give them the highest allowed version along with the CD activation code. But
to be safe you might want to contact FS and let them know of the change in

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Hello Everyone,

I would like to donate an old version of JAWS to a needy person, does anyone
have a person or organization that I could contact? It is a full blown
version and is not a upgrade.

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