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Negoslav Sabev

Here is a plug-in that may help. It is called TimeRestore.
1. First download the archive from
2. Close winamp if it is opened.
3. Extract the contents to
C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins.
4. Start winamp and open the preferences window.
5. Find there Autoplay Options in the tree. You may use the letter "a".
6. Tab to see and change the different options to your like.


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Normal for Winamp. It is not like iTunes.

Dave Carlson
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hi all

wander if any one can help with a problem its not really a jaws problem as
such but I am not sure if jaws is stopping me from sorting it!!
ok in wind amp for some reason when I play a album and say it goes to track
6 I then close the program and go back at a later date it always goes back
to track one, now I have looked around but cant find any thing which might
sort this out but as I am not the best with jaws there might be something I
am missing!!!
I have windows 7 and jaws 12

well if any one as any Ideas pleas could they help cheers Joe
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