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joe stinton

sorry about this reply as it as nothing to do with the subject!! but for some reason none of the mails I am sending to the list are coming back to me so thought I would see what happens if I just try to reply to one.

cheers Joe

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Go to the view menu and turn on the side bar. Then the sync will be back as
before. If you choose not to do that, use NVDA, there is an iPhone button
that Jaws doesn't read, but NVDA does. That's the button you need to click
if you don't turn on the side bar. I forget where that button is, but I
believe it was when tabbing through from the music choice. Just turn on the
side bar and it will pretty much be as previous versions were. You can then
arrow down to your device.


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Strictly opinion of course, what methods are people using to sink content
from their computer over to their iPhone, let's say music?

This new iTunes was a pain at first to navigate but I managed to find
everything that I was looking for, accept sinking from my comp to the phone.

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