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Aleeha Dudley

You can also use insert and the number 3 to pass the enter key through jaws to iTunes without exiting jaws.

Aleeha dudley

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I finally found out how to click on the different links for Music, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Books, ETC while I am viewing my purchase history. For those of you who have trouble clicking on the above links, here's what you do. First, make sure Jaws is running from the task bar and not the system tray. Next, run narrator with windows key-u. You may need to press alt-n for those people running Windows later than XP. After narrator and Jaws are both running simultaniously, run iTunes, go to the iTunes store, and find the link that says purchased and press enter. You will automatically be on your music purchases. To get to your movie, TV show, Apps, or Book purchases, use control-home to get to the top of the page, and then use tab to tab through the various controls. The first two controls you should hear from Jaws are two radio buttons, one says "all", and the other one says "Not on this computer". Tab passed the radio buttons, and you should hear narrator announce the varrious links for music, Movies, TV Shows, ETC. To enter on the link you want, first deactivate Jaws by alt tabbing to the Jaws program running in the task bar and exit using the alt key and then arrowing up once to Exit Jaws. After you've exited Jaws, alt-tab back into iTunes and enter on the link you want. The reason I say exit Jaws before entering on the link is because entering on any of the links while Jaws is active just takes you into forms mode and out again and does not do anything with the link. The reason I say make sure that Jaws is Running from the task bar instead of the system tray is because for some reason, while narrator is active, it will not let you use Jaws commands such as Ins-F4 to exit Jaws. After you've entered the link you want, reactivate Jaws. Hopefully, you will have a shortcut key to do this such as CTRL-ALT-J. After Jaws is reactivated, you should be able to view the movies, TV Shows, or other types of media that you've purchased. For some reason, when you tab through the Music, Movies, TV Shows, ETC links, only narrator announces the links and not Jaws. I hope this little tutorial helps.

Gilbert Neiva
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