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I wish I had know that.

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Do not uninstall JAWS 13 while using JAWS 11.

When uninstalling any version of JAWS, you should always do it within the version you wish to uninstall.

In your particular case, start JAWS 13 and go to the install utility within the JAWS 13 folder and follow the steps within that program, to uninstall JAWS 13.



Dave Durber

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Subject: Strategy for reinstalling JAWS

Hi everyone. After my recent JAWS 13 repair, problems persist, and FS Tech
Support's email response to my query leave me thinking that I need to do a
reinstall. I'd like to explain my plan and ask for confirmation that JAWS
will be safe when I'm done.

1. Copy the contents of my ENU folder to another location.

2. Change my setting so that JAWS 11 starts when my PC reboots.

3. Uninstall JAWS 13.

4. Reboot.

5. Install JAWS 13 from the JAWS 13 executable file that I've saved.

6. Copy the contents of my old JAWS 13 ENU folder into this new one.

7. Restore the setting that has JAWS 13 start when the PC reboots.

My thanks to Mike B for a crucial part of this strategy.

In case anyone raises the question, I got rid of JAWS 12 and haven't
installed JAWS 14 because of reported conflicts with an application I use
all the time.

Does my plan make sense?
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