Re: missing video intercept file

bob mathews <bmathews@...>

FS walked through the problem and I am up and running...
Tnx all Bob

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There is obviously something else going on with your laptop because, all
versions of the JAWS installer, will always attempt to install the video
method which the particular version of JAWS needs to capture the information
so it can speak it to you.

Check that the correct video driver has been installed for your video card.

Check that the swap file is at least two and a half times the amount of
memory that is in the machine.

You should also consider contacting FS tech support for assistance to
resolve the problem you are having.



Dave Durber

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Subject: missing video intercept file

Hi all, My laptop running JAWS12 and winxp pro sp3 just came back from the
putter repair without the video intercept file..
I went ahead and installed jfw 14 thinking it would fix the problem...
Where could I find the video intercept file that will run with JAWS14?
TNX Bob...

Bob Mathews
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