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The last version I downloaded was 13.0.1006. It's the 32-bit version, if
that makes a difference.

Dave Carlson
Tastefully composed and launched near the Pacific Ocean using a Dell
Latitude E6520, JAWS 14, and Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

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Hi. I make a practice of saving the executable JAWS file each time I install
a JAWS upgrade. The release of JAWS 13 that I have installed is shown in the
"About" section of help as 13.0.1006. However, the latest release number in
my JAWS executable files is 13.0.1005, off by just the last digit. Can
anyone explain?

Here's the reason this question isn't just academic. JAWS is acting a little
strange lately and I want to do a repair, for which I would need the correct
executable file.

I haven't installed JAWS 14 because of another lister's reports of
encountering problems with WordPerfect, my preferred word processor. I also
didn't install the latest release of 13 because of other lister concerns at
the time, although I've forgotten what they were.
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