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Try following the steps below:

The steps below are the best, most in depth, and most thorough way of
repairing Jaws according to Freedom Scientific Tech Support.

1. Place a copy of the Jaws executible version that you want to repair into
the main root of the " C " drive. For example; If you are running Jaws11
most recent you would paste a copy of " J11.0.1430-32bit.exe " into the main
root of the " C " drive. To open the main root of the " C " drive, go to
the desktop, press enter on My Computer, press enter on Local disk C, and
now you have the main root of the " C " drive open.
2. With the Jaws " .exe " pasted into the "C" drive, highlight the " .exe
", and press F2 as if you were going to edit this line of text. now press
control + C to copy this Jaws executible, press escape to close the edit
field, and press Alt + F4 to close the C drive.
What you want to do is place just the title of the Jaws version into the
Windows Run Dialogue box and not the file. If you were to place the Jaws
executible into the Run box without copying as you did as per the
instructions above you would have pasted the whole file into the Run Box
instead of just the title.
3. Now that you have just the title copied to the clipboard, press Windows
key + R to open the Run Dialogue Box. Type, remember to type a capitalC ,"
C:\ " without the quotes or
spaces and press control + V to paste the Jaws title, press your end key to
take the cursor to the end of the title and type in the following " /type
repair" without the quotes but, with the spaces . Below is what your line
of text should look / read like.

C:\J11.0.1447-32bit.exe /type repair

Read character by character to make sure you have put in the proper spaces,
Forward & back slashes and text. press the home key to go to the front of
the title and press enter to start the repair.

A 2nd way to do the same thing.
From: Brian Lee
Hello Jim,

You might have already resolved the problem, but if not here is a link that
you can use to download the newest update for your 64-bit installation of
JAWS. Information about performing the repair is shown below after the
download link.

After downloading the file you can do the following steps to repair the

1. Use Windows key with R to bring up the run dialog box.

2. Use tab key to the browse button and press spacebar.

3. Browse to the downloaded JAWS setup file and press enter key.

4. Use tab key to move to where JAWS says "open colon edit combo", press
the end key and then press spacebar.

5. Type in /Type repair, (that is first type a slash followed immediately
by the word type then a space and then the word repair.

6. Use tab key to the OK button and press enter key.

7. Follow the prompts.

Take care.
Brian Lee

Take care.
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Subject: RE: Inconsistent JAWS version numbers

Impressive memory, Mike. Following your response, I downloaded the release
file that is consistent with what JAWS "About" is reporting to me. Now I
can't perform a repair. I've tried a variety of methods recommended on this
list, including:

1. Press enter on the .exe file and look for the repair button

2. Run the .exe file from the run window

3. Typed the filename in the run window followed by space repair

4. click on "uninstall" from within programs/jaws13/tools.

Nowhere does the repair button appear, even if I go several steps into the
uninstall process, though not so far that my version will be uninstalled. In
the case of each install, JAWS has terminated the process on recognizing the
existing installation.

All my notes about repair relates to versions between 7 and 12. Has anyone
done a repair on JAWS 13? In that case, any suggestions?

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Subject: Re: Inconsistent JAWS version numbers

Yo Adrian,

After V13.0.1105 came out there were many complaints about it regarding
Excell & Outlook so, shortyly afterwards they came out with V13.0.1106. I
don't remember the time frame but, it was only a few weeks later that 1106
came out.
Take care.
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From: Adrian Spratt
To: 'The Jaws for Windows support list.'
Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2013 10:36 AM
Subject: Inconsistent JAWS version numbers

Hi. I make a practice of saving the executable JAWS file each time I install
a JAWS upgrade. The release of JAWS 13 that I have installed is shown in the
"About" section of help as 13.0.1006. However, the latest release number in
my JAWS executable files is 13.0.1005, off by just the last digit. Can
anyone explain?

Here's the reason this question isn't just academic. JAWS is acting a little
strange lately and I want to do a repair, for which I would need the correct
executable file.

I haven't installed JAWS 14 because of another lister's reports of
encountering problems with WordPerfect, my preferred word processor. I also
didn't install the latest release of 13 because of other lister concerns at
the time, although I've forgotten what they were.
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