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Hi Stephanie & Aidan,

Below are the direct download links for the Video Intercept for 32 & 64 Bit

For 32 Bit:

For 64 Bit:

Hope this helps.
Take care.
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I may be wrong, but have you checked Freedom Scientific's website? I
seem to remember downloading a video intercept file from there once.
Granted it was for an older version of Jaws, but they might have the
one you need. idk.

On 1/12/13, bob mathews <> wrote:
Hi all, My laptop running JAWS12 and winxp pro sp3 just came back from the
putter repair without the video intercept file..
I went ahead and installed jfw 14 thinking it would fix the problem...
Where could I find the video intercept file that will run with JAWS14?
TNX Bob...

Bob Mathews
Bob Mathews Consulting
866 6343773

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