Re: ENU settings between 13 and 14

emma goodwin <emma.sleeptalk@...>

If you go to utilities and arrow down till you get merge utilities, it
will then open a dialogue up and you can choose Jaws 13 and then press
ok. This you need to do while in Jaws 14. It will then merge your
version of 13 to be in 14 so whatever you had in Jaws 13 will be there
and you don't have to set it up all over again. I hope this is right
but let us know if you have more issues.

On 1/13/13, Dondi computer crash recovery victim <> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to start up and use JAWS 14 with the old ENU folder from
13? I was hoping to get around having to Go around and set everything up

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