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Wel, I stil am on 13 and I also get that, I simply then go back to my
edit feeld and start typing again, not nice but at least I manage.
press insert plus f10 and check if avast or something else don't open.
I had trubble playing some of my games because of that wich is now

On 12/01/2013, emma goodwin <> wrote:
-- I have a problem with Jaws in so far as losing focus. Many times
when I open Internet explorer or get to an edit field, I hear a
clicking sound and Jaws will go to my desktop. I know this because
when I press alt F4 then it asks me what I want to do and gives all
the shutting down options. I can't just alt tab and carry on because
as soon as I press a letter then it loses its focus again. This
started happening every now and then but now I am noticing it more and
its very frustrating. Has anyone else noticed this. I understand we
all have our own Jaws issues and I don't experience any other problems
but its annoying that if I open my messages in facebook or on any
other webpage and hit that edit field and then you must close it and
start all over again.I didn't notice this with Jaws 13 at all and its
no reason for me to stop using it but just wondered if I could hear if
anyone else noticed this particularly.

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