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Thanks Lisa I just tried control R to see if it would let me use a different voice but no luck. I'll keep trying. Wonder if there is a way to convert Kindle books to Word documents? Lynda

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Hi Linda,
Yeah, the Kindle and JAWS don't play all that well together. Amazon has
designed it to work as with its own voicing. Below is the link to the list
of keyboard commands to use with the accessible kindle for pc.
JAWS will, however, read all the menus; alt f, predictably, will take you to
the file menu, for instance.
When I open kindle I often go to the library, by hitting alt G to get to the
"go" menu and then arrowing down to library.
Now JAWS will read the titles in your library. Entering will select that
title, and Control R will begin reading.
Use the Go menu again to move to table of contents, last position read, or
to search for a page number.

On the whole though, JAWS and Kindle are pretty clunky together.
Here's the Amazon help page.

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I am using Jaws 11 on a 32 bit Toshiba laptop and today downloaded an app
that should allow me to read Kindle books on my computer. However,
unfortunately Jaws refuses to say anything but "blank" when I try to read
the ebooks. Has anyone else come across this and found a way around it

Hope to hear from you soon.

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